Special Projects

Help Wanted

Contact us ASAP if you want be part of a greater good and gain experience working with talented professionals on any of the projects listed below.

Video Production: Script Writers, Camera Operators, Sound Engineers

Web Development: Content Writers, Social Media Interns, Email Development

Environmental Science: Botanists, Ornithologists, Zoologists, Bee Keepers, Biologists

Engineering: Building Managers, IR Engineers, Aerospace Engineers

Education Specialists: Museum Designers, Curriculum Experts, Tour Leaders, Lesson Planners

Business: Fundraising, Advertising and Marketing, Grant Writers, Cold Callers

General Help: Weed Pullers, Bush Cutters, Tree Choppers, Waste Haulers

Geographers: GIS'ers, Mappers, Aerial Photo Linkers, Writers

History: Archivists, Editors, Poster Producers

Publishing: Newsletter Writers, Editors

Accounting: Treasurers, Budget Planners

Pursue your passion while participating with other interesting people on a good cause.


For example, our own David Stolarz has been capturing drone data, and it needs to be processed for a variety of purposes.

Please Contact: info@friendsofhp.org


We are Closed
in the Winter

Except for Awesome People Who Arrange to Volunteer

(Weather permitting)

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